Registered professional engineer Office of environmental quality

Office of Environtmental Quality
reference: your 76-RZ-30
attention of Albert F. Reynolds

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Reading the Environmental Impact Report or North Santa Ynez Rezoning Proposal 76-RZ-30 I was amazed that no one discussed the Independent Sewage Treatment System invented and manufactured by Dominick Foti. This system has solved the problem of sewage disposal in any soil. Mr. Foti manufactures his equipment at 15661 Producer Lane in Huntington Beach 92646. His telephone is (714) 892-0077.

Generally a unit is installed for each residence, but in one Riverside County school with 140 students and staff there are two units. This system disposes of 2000 gallons of sewage daily, but does not depend on any of the effluent soaking into the ground. Instead, it spreads the water under 8000 square feet of lawn. No surface moisture accumulates since all of the water is transpired by the grass.

For home installations an evaporation field is generally about 1/20 acre of grass, trees, or other vegetation. since the effluent is pumped out of the treatment vessels under pressure, the evaporation field may be at any distance from the house. The homeowner may pump the effluent water to whatever part of the lot can best use the extra irrigation.

No sludge accumulates in the vessels; the periodic cleaning of typical septic tanks is not needed.

I hope Mr. Foti or a representative of his company will speak at the hearings on April 14, and that the Planning Commission will study his equipment, and evaluate it for approval in the area north of Santa Ynez.

Clarence Lundy